LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management System

Your Doctor will schedule regular follow-up visits to check your EMBLEM MRI S-ICD. He or she may prescribe the LATITUDE NXT Patient Management system to work with your device between scheduled visits. The LATITUDE NXT system is an in-home monitoring system, which gives your healthcare team access to information from your EMBLEM MRI S-ICD, including battery status and whether you have received an electrical shock to correct a heart arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm) problem.

If your doctor chooses to follow your device remotely, you will receive a LATITUDE Communicator that checks your device in the convenience of your home and sends information to a secure website for your healthcare team to view. 

Be sure to set your Communicator up as soon as you receive it to enable your health care team to begin monitoring your device right away. When it is time to check your device, the white Heart button on the face of the Communicator will flash. This could be as often as weekly. When you see the Heart Button flashing, simply press and release the button and stay within arm’s reach of the Communicator until data collection is complete.
Watch this video for instructions on setting up and using your LATITUDE NXT Communicator: 

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