S-ICD Patient Stories

What is it like to live with the S-ICD System? Hear from real S-ICD System patients as they share their stories and describe their day-to-day activities of living with a heart defibrillator implant. Watch the videos on this page or follow the links to read about the personal journeys of each patient.*

Danielle's New Beginning

"I'm just very thankful and fortunate that there's a technology out there and that it gives me a sense of security...just living a normal life." - Danielle Tepper

Lindsay Speaks Up

"After I had the device implanted, I felt all the time that I had a little emergency room in my chest." - Lindsay Davis

Todd Can't Be Stopped

"As my kids like to say, I’m bionic now. My life really hasn’t changed. I can still do all of the things I’ve enjoyed doing." - Todd Letourneau

Matt Beats the Odds

“My dad had Factor V Leiden [a blood clotting disorder] and Long QT [a heart rhythm disorder that also claimed the life of Matt’s aunt]. I got some blood work done and unfortunately, found out I had both of them.” — Matt McNally

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*Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.