How Matt Beats the Odds

How was your heart condition diagnosed?

“One day last year, my mom called me and said, ‘Sit down and don’t worry.’ My dad learned that his deceased sister had been diagnosed with a prolonged QT interval in her heart rhythm. He was tested, and he was also diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. Within the month, I had a blood test and it showed that I had both LQTS and Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting issue also common to my Dad’s side of the family.”

“When we found out Matt had Long QT,” his dad, Jim, said, “I was thinking about all the relatives we buried at very young ages, and it scared me.”

“Once we learned that my tests were positive,” said Matt, “we immediately started checking the web, talking with cardiologists, looking for a solution.”

How did you decide on the S-ICD System?

“The cardiologist said I needed the implanted defibrillator to manage my high risk of sudden cardiac death. They also gave me the great option of the S-ICD System, an implanted device that didn’t go into the veins, which could cause me to have a blood clot issue with my Factor V Leiden.”

How did you feel after your device was implanted?

“The recovery process wasn’t too bad at all. I was able to take two weeks off of work. There was a little pain and discomfort from the swelling of the stitches on my side, but not too bad overall.”

How are you feeling now?

“The S-ICD System hasn’t affected my life in any major way. The device is just there for me. I still do visual merchandising. I set up the store, take down displays, especially working on the window displays. I know the S-ICD System definitely has impacted my family. Going through the procedure and having the S-ICD device brought ease of mind to my mom, especially. Just having the security blanket means the world for me and my family.”

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